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Digital Information - Parents

Gaelscoil na Mí has embraced the Digital Strategy for Schools action plan for integrating ICT into teaching, learning and assessment practices in schools over five years.  This Strategy builds on previous strategies in the area of ICT integration and is the result of research and extensive consultation with education partners and stakeholders. It supports the overall strategy of the Department in a number of key areas including curriculum implementation, skills development, teacher education and learner outcomes.

As you may be aware we use digital screens as teaching aids in the classroom. These screens offer educational software and applications. We have a small team of teachers (our "Digital Team") that are reviewing our use of social media and educational software. They are researching Google for Education & Microsoft for Education, both of which we are subscribed to, in order to understand how we can build relevant content & or skills based tasks into our curriculum.

As part of our Digital Strategy we aim to communicate with parents via;

  • Aladdin mobile App (Noticeboard, Absences & Calendar)

  • School website blog & news

  • Email (via &/or Aladdin) to subscribed parents

Our teaching staff is embracing our "Digital Strategy" as we believe it offers us the opportunity to share school & class news, general information, updates and community information that may be of interest to parents, guardians and pupils.

Gaelscoil na Mí is hoping to move one step ahead via "Digital", by making teachers and administrators available to parents. Presently, we communicate via Aladdin, landline phone, a new mobile phone (used if the landline fails) and email.

  • Aladdin school account to allows parents communicate with the Office. Parents can use this method of communication to inform us of an absence etc.

  • School Mobile Phone - You may have noticed the issues we have had with our landlines, the quality of line and voicemail has failed numerous times. The mobile phone offers us a second line while Eir correct their managed service.

  • Teachers - We believe that embracing "Digital" will assist in communication between teacher and parent. Gaelscoil na Mí has new emails to connect with teaching staff;

Digital Policy - Children

Gaelscoil na Mí is creating a Digital Policy for our pupils. This will cover their use of school approved technology (devices, software & applications) and any B.Y.O.D.(bring your own device) technology that they may be in possession of during school hours and on the school premises.

We feel that given the prevalence and availability of technology that we need to establish guidelines to protect our pupils. 

Any parents working in technology &/or with experience implementing technology & IT policies are welcome to help us shape guidelines to meet the needs of the school, parent and pupil.

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